Your best platform for trading cars and car parts

If you are into cars, this app is perfect for you. Obo caters car lovers who are looking to trade their cars or car parts to potential buyers.


Obo app users have the ability to openly trade with anyone, anywhere.

They can browse a catalog of items users wanted to trade with and have the option to offer a bet or to exchange the item for a different item.

  • Secured Buyers and Traders

    We make sure that all buyers and traders are legitimate to avoid bogus transactions.

  • Easy Quick Fix of Car Parts

    If you are looking for quick car parts, you may opt to use this app and search for the price range depending on your budget.

  • Convenient

    You can conveniently sell or trade your car or car parts at the price of your choice.

  • Free of Account

    You are free to create your account on our app!


The Obo App is for those who are into cars!

If you are enthusiastic about cars and their parts, download our app now! The application is using advanced technologies to provide a better usability experience to the customers.

Platform for Trading, Buying, and Exchanging Cars and Car Parts

Obo is a platform for trading, buying and exchanging cars and car parts.

Cancel Your Trades Anytime

Users can opt to cancel trades if they want to provide that they give a valid reason behind them.

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Messaging Capabilities

Users can also message other users to facilitate the trades.

Available on Android and IOS

Customers will be provided Android & iOS applications.


The user interface of the Obo App is simple and easy to navigate.

What are you waiting for? Download our app now and learn more about how you can be successful with us!


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